Smart Ideas: Buildings Revisited

A Guideline for Choosing the Best Steel Building and Post Frame Construction Company Steel is a material that is increasingly used in households and in building due to its many qualities and variety of solutions it offers. Steel buildings are high-quality, easy to maintain, and offer improved safety and resistance. At this day and age … Continue reading “Smart Ideas: Buildings Revisited”

A Guideline for Choosing the Best Steel Building and Post Frame Construction Company

Steel is a material that is increasingly used in households and in building due to its many qualities and variety of solutions it offers. Steel buildings are high-quality, easy to maintain, and offer improved safety and resistance. At this day and age when everyone wants high-quality, durable, and unique building, people have realized the need to hire professional construction companies.

In case you need a building for your farm, cars, or business, a reliable steel building and post frame construction company can meet all your building needs. Steel building and post frame construction firms work with you to meet different building needs that include designing and construction of metal garages, pole barns, agricultural buildings, storage buildings, commercial buildings, workshops and others. Just like choosing other types of services, selecting a steel construction company may not be easy.This guideline for choosing the best steel buildings and post frame construction company.

List several steel construction companies and find out more about them and the services they provide and identify the best. Get to know the workmanship skills of the construction firm. You can count on superior craftsmanship to ensure trouble-free results in the end. Reputable companies are equipped with highly trained, and experienced steel construction specialists who take their job seriously. Choose a company that is well known in the steel industry for providing excellent quality products. A reputable company that offers flexibility in every aspect of the job is certainly one you want to hire. You will want to work with a company that will listen to your ideas, consider your needs, and work with you to achieve what you want.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Buildings

Competence and excellent customer service is another essential aspect to consider when choosing a steel building construction. In order to serve the clients better, the firm should adhere to solid communication practices. Make sure you engage the services of a company that is able to commit to a reasonable time-frame of when the project will commence and when it will be completed. Ensure you are dealing with a contractor who is completely transparent with its clients.
The Art of Mastering Options

Leading companies guarantee that their methods of handling different projects are within their tradition. This gives an assurance that the steel buildings are built as per the highest standards from the concept to the equipment and materials used, to the quality and safety control and the entire construction process. It is wise that you hire a company that has been providing steel structures for a significant period.

Work with a firm that will be able to support your schedule and finish the job on schedule. Every steel construction company should focus on providing its clients with the buildings they desire. A project that is completed successfully should possess several qualities that include an aesthetically pleasing, functional, cost-effective, comfortable, safe, and energy efficient, building that is in accordance with all the required codes and specs.

Transcription Services Vital for Media Professionals

Media is a dynamic and fast growing industry. Each and every day the media industry presents different forms of valuable information for people to absorb. They feed us with live and exciting information on current events happening around the world through prominent mediums such as news, television, documentaries, films, and radio. But, what is the need of transcription services in the media industry? Before finding the answer to this question, it is very important to have a clear understanding about the term media transcription and how it proves to be vital for media professionals.

Media transcription is the process of converting specific audio or video files into text formats. Since media professionals are very busy in their own job area, they may not be able to manage all the documentation tasks on their own. Whatever media business you may be engaged in, it is very important to capture current updates or information and post them without any time delay. Transcribing audio or video files within a specific timeframe can prove to be a really challenging task for any media professional. Outsourcing these transcription tasks to a professional and reliable media transcription company is therefore the ultimate solution for this problem.

Need for Reliable Media Transcription Services

Media professionals deal with a number of audio or video files or information in different formats on a day to day basis. These professionals cannot waste their valuable time doing in-house transcription, and this would also seriously affect their budget line. The need for a reliable outsourcing partner arises in such situations. Reputable companies offer top quality services in accordance with the specific needs of customers but at an affordable price range. Professional media companies offer documentation services for the following sectors:

• Radio, News and Television broadcasts

• Corporate meetings

• Conferences

• Commentary

• Podcasts

• Interviews

• Documentaries

• Focus groups

• Infomercials

• Training sessions

• Webcasts

• Videotaped events

• Special reports

• Game shows and many more

A reputable media transcription company utilizes the services of a skilled and experienced team of transcriptionists, proofreaders and quality assurance staff to evaluate the level of accuracy.

What Are the Key Benefits of Outsourcing Media Transcription?

Confidentiality – A professional media transcription firm follows strict procedures to maintain the security and confidentiality of the media files submitted for transcription. As part of these security measures, FTP or browser based 256 bit encryption protocol is used for file transfers.

Time Stamping and Captioning – Reliable service providers offer time codes for audio / video files based on individual client needs. Subtitles and captions for different types of files are also provided as part of the media transcription service provided by an experienced media company.

Multilevel quality checks and 99 percent accuracy – To ensure top quality and accurate media transcripts, a reputable firm conducts multilevel quality checks. A team of qualified and experienced transcriptionists, quality analysts and proofreaders carry out the quality checks to ensure 99% accuracy with good audio.

Competitive Pricing – Only a professional service provider will be able to offer transcription services at affordable pricing. Most of the companies offer at least 30 – 40% savings on cost.

Dictation Options – Media professionals are usually provided two main dictation options, namely toll free number and digital recorder by their outsourcing partner.

Document Flow Management System – The outsourcing firm incorporates a document flow management system which allows clients to edit or view transcripts.

The above mentioned points will certainly help you to understand the importance of choosing a reliable outsourcing firm for transcription services. A thorough online search will help you locate a trustworthy and professional transcription company that can provide you customized media transcription services at a cost-effective price.

The Real Purpose of Social Media for Marketers

Many folks don’t understand the real purpose of social media and what its purpose is for Marketers.

They misuse and abuse the social media systems and therefore become the enemy of those who are using Social Media for its intended purpose:

To Be Social…

To Network….

To inform Friends of what’s going on….

To Hang Out.

Now, if you are a marketer (like I am), then you also know that Social Media can be a great place to meeting potential customers, clients, partners…etc.

But some marketers are going about all wrong. They believe that Social Media is a place to advertise (and I’m not talking about legitimate advertising programs on these website, but the actual social part) and throw up their product all over their “online friends.”

I, too, have made this mistake.

Talking about your business, products and your passion for them is one thing…

Even sharing stuff that can help like-minded folks is cool, but sales pitches and unrelenting advertising is a big NO NO.

You see, there are 2 things that online marketers need to do to succeed online:

1. Drive Traffic
2. Convert Traffic

Social Media (social networking) is not the place to DRIVE Traffic.

It’s where you connect and form relationships…. This is the CONVERT Traffic phase.

As marketers, we sometimes forget this.

To me, it’s more important for others to desire to get to know me and become a lifelong friend, customer or partner than to buy from me one time and get tired of seeing my emails.

We’ve all heard it before…
This is Attraction Marketing 101:

We all prefer to buy from those we know, like, and Trust and who’s opinions we respect and want to know about.

Using social media correctly looks like a conversation. Having conversations online can come in many forms, but the bottom line is that it does something for the online marketer:

Over Time,

It brands you as the go-to person and it builds know, like, trust and respect feelings.

It makes you more visible.

It attracts more people to you.

It creates a commotion about you (and possibly more traffic from that commotion).

Social media isn’t a primary traffic source… but it is where you turn subscribers of your message into buyers of your product or service through the power of relationships.

How Are Partner Managers Using Social Media?

We asked twenty partner managers “What is social media?” By far the most common response was “Good Question!” After a thoughtful pause, we heard social media were tools that enabled users “to communicate’, ‘to build loyalty’, ‘to collaborate’ and ‘to listen’.

“It’s an opportunity to have communities of like minds and interests.”

“It’s a way of on-line communication that allows expansion of personal and business network and sharing of information between people and groups.”

There is a general recognition that social media is still early in terms of adoption and application, and still changing. Even those who purport to be experts acknowledge that “we don’t know all the ways these new forums can be used.”

While there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of social media sites on the worldwide web, the most widely discussed were the Big Four public forms of social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

LinkedIn was widely used by partner managers to recruit new partners and to preview the profiles of colleagues working within their partner’s organizations.  LinkedIn Groups have spontaneously emerged around partner communities, for example, a Microsoft Partner Group, hosted and moderated independently of Microsoft.  Members share insights and information regarding how to partner with Microsoft.

Facebook was used most frequently in partner marketing activities.  Fan pages are created around events where attendees both partners and customers can be friended to follow event coverage in real time.   We also found that companies were maintaining Facebook pages to build visibility and a personal brand for key company executives.

Twitter was again most frequently used in partner marketing activities and to communicate to partners, a kind of micro-newsletter.  However, some companies are recognizing the value of twitter to monitor partner sentiments about their company and products.  This in an opportunity proactively manage your online reputation among both partners and customers.

YouTube was a public library for product demos and other company news and messaging. Videos were commonly linked to company Facebook pages and LinkedIn profiles.  

Proprietary social networking platforms were also in evidence in managing partner ecosystems, these would often have many features of the public forums or integrated them into the platform.

Other tools and platforms were also part of the on-line experience in partner collaboration including web conferencing such as WebEx and GotoMeeting as were wikis and blogs.  

Collaborative platforms such as Sharepoint, WebEx Connect and Lotus  were also in use and were the preferred technology for strategic alliances. One interesting aspect of these platforms is they were moving to integrate many collaboration tools into a single environment and even some of the social media functions.

As earlier stated, we don’t know all the ways these technologies can be used.  It is still a process of invention and quite a few intrepid innovators continue to explore how to use these media in creative ways.